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Design is not easy, even for designers. It’s the product of several thought processes that inform and support one another. Through careful examination, thoughtful critique, and application of good, solid design principles, Bob Shockey will help you not only create a better finished product, but also learn to apply these principles yourself, to every project.

A few of the concepts you will learn and apply:

  • ¬†Understanding user-centered design
  • Identifying and applying a data hierarchy
  • Using data hierarchy to group and style data
  • Creating differences in data presentation (without creating chaos)
  • Using color and icons
  • Using and naming Themes and Styles
  • Creating seamless workflows
  • Much more, geared specifically toward you and your needs

Bob Shockey has a lifetime of design and fine art experience. He received a formal education in Communication Design from Otis Parsons School of Design (now known as Otis Art Institute of Los Angeles and The New School of NYC). He worked in the Publishing industry for many years before he became a software developer, and later the President of Alchemy Consulting Group, LLC, a FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum partner.



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